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Patient Stories & Testimonials - McLaren Health Care

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Nancy's story

My life was blessed on June 15, 2009. On that day I had gastric bypass surgery done by Dr. Michael Kia at McLaren Bariatric and Metabolic Institute.

Helen's story

Helen, from Corunna, Michigan, was tired of the hassles that came with taking insulin for her weight-related Type 2 diabetes. She chose to have metabolic surgery at McLaren. 

Tom's story

Fenton resident Tom T. had been very active his entire life. However, a few years ago, he reached a point where his weight was negatively affecting his health and his overall lifestyle.

Judi's story

When Judi Smith first walked through the doors of McLaren Wound Care and Bariatric Institute in Clarkston, it was with the assistance of a cane and burdened with a host of health issues. At 338 pounds, she fell into the feared classification of morbidly obese. Her excess weight was putting a strain on her knees, heart, kidneys, liver, and her self-esteem. Although her visit was for treating the lesions on her legs that were a side effect of her Type II diabetes, she picked up a brochure about bariatric surgery and saw it as a lifeline being thrown out to her. 

Daniel's story

For Daniel Perez, obesity was keeping him from being the father he wanted to be.

Rob's story

The McLaren Bariatric and Metabolic Institute shares office space with the McLaren Wound Care Clinic in Clarkston. Rob Rose first came to the office as a wound care patient. He now returns as an energetic, healthier and happier post-operative bariatric patient.

Pam's Story

What bothered me was being out of breath when walking up a flight of stairs and my knees hurting so badly. I always had to shop in the Plus size sections of the store and I am short so nothing ever fit in both directions.

Scott's Story

A patient of McLaren Bariatric Institute discusses his weight loss success after bariatric surgery.

Becky's story

For Becky McKone, her happiness was becoming more and more tied to her health. In 2012, the then 50-year-old Burton native struggled with Type II diabetes, hypertension, and was overweight.

Marty's Bariatric Surgery Journey

"I have children and I want to be more active for them. But really, I did this for me, I want to live life to the fullest.  I feel that by losing weight I’m taking an active role in my life and my health."